Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just a few things

Hello everyone!  And a big welcome to all my new followers!  I hope you enjoy my blog!  I  love comments but am very slow to answer.  I do thank all of your who left condolences on the passing of my father in law. He will be missed but I take great comfort knowing he is at peace and out of pain

I received an email from my giveaway winner, Maria in Portugal. She got her package last week and all is well. I was afraid it would take months or get lost so I am greatly relieved.

I spent the last few days taking pictures of all the minis I received from a swap through a wonderful Yahoo group, DreamSwapMiniatures.  Everything was fabulous am I am so very happy! I think the photos turned out well so take a "look see"  The only thing not shown is a block of air dried clay that I'm playing with now.

The greatest thing about this swap is that I can use everything now!  I am working on a companion piece to my Wizard's Tower,  The Apprentice's Shop.  My small offerings were 2 torches and 2 sconces. I should be done with it in a few weeks.  Enjoy this eye candy but some of it some of it may be copyrighted.

A non-miniature request:

 I want to tell you about the March of Dimes March for Babies that is coming up in a few weeks.  My daughter, son in law and grandson ( Sandi, Ryan, and Matthew ) will be participating again as they have for many years.

Matthew came into this world at a terrifying weight of 1 lb, 14 oz.., 25 weeks "old".  There then followed weeks and months of intensive care.  And at  every step of the way, the incredible March of Dimes  was there... with support, help and resources.  Now they are asking for your help.  Please read Matthew's story and make a donation. Here is a link you can use:

Matthew is now a happy, healthy ( and smart! ) soon to be 8 yr. old and is "living" proof that miracles can and do happen.

Thank you..from the bottom of my heart

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring's Here!

At least it is in my part of Florida.  Like many of you, it couldn't come soon enough.  Now I have warmth and lots of sunshine.

This last month has been a wonderfully crazy and hectic time. We've had lots of company and visitors over the last 6 weeks and had a great time.  First, my daughter's in-laws came for a visit, looking for a place to retire. Then a few weeks later, my kids came down ( no spouses or grandkids).  Unfortunately, that was for my FIL funeral and despite the occasion,  we did manage to chuckle at some fond remembrances.  Finally my son, DIL and two grandsons came for Spring break  They left last week and I honestly had a hard time getting used to things being so quiet.

In between visits,  I made some flower boxes for my Fishing cabin.  It's painted a dull gray and needed some color.

Some of the flowers are left over from the flower shop I made (the Ashley ) and others I made from quilling paper.  I was in a panic at one point because I had no greenery.  Then, my swap box arrived!  This was a swap from one of my Yahoo groups and was very large with 15 of us participating.  One of the swappers sent a bunch of landscaping materials along with some other neat stuff!  So now I have leaves, grasses, ferns etc to make a lot of plants and flowers.

Remember this?

When I purchased this at a flea market last fall, I really didn't think it was a dollhouse but rather some type of display shaped like a dollhouse.  I just couldn't imagine one with practically no walls and a carrying handle.
Well, I started sanding it the other day and when I turned it around to get the other side, I saw the words "Ryan's Room" in big, black, bold letters.  I'm not sure how I missed it but I did a Google search and found it. Here's the website.

A dollhouse for kids to play with . Now I understand why no walls.  I don't have any of the furniture but that's OK since I plan to make most of it myself.

I can see a bunch of problems with this.  First, the ceilings are only 9" tall...darn! Second, it is so open I'll have to decorated all the way around.  There is really no front or back.  And lastly, is the painting.  OMG, what a pain to paint! This is going to take some time.  I took my hubby's advice and did one coat with Kilz which is supposed to block any stains from showing thru any paint I might use for the final color. Painting a pre-assembled dollhouse is a lot of work but in no way am I going to take it apart.
Now, not only does it have trims and moulding, it's got ledges, the underside of ledges and of course, ceilings, nooks and crannies .If it's not on it's side or upside down, then I probably am!

Despite all my complaints, I really like this dollhouse.  I'll make it work somehow!

In case you haven't heard:

The second issue of Creative Miniaturist is now available!  Be sure to check it out.  I can only imagine all the hard work that goes into an on-line magazine, and it is great!  Here is a direct link.

Well, that's it for now.  My next big decision is to choose the colors.  As soon as I decide, I'll be back

Til next time,