Friday, June 17, 2011

Camper's Coffe Pot

For the camper's coffe pot, you will need a heavy duty staple, a desiccant, a small strip of heavy duty paper, a seed beed, a permanent bonding glue (like superglue), silver spray paint and a sharp piercing tool ( I used an eyeglass screwdriver). 

CAUTION- You may want to try some other way of piercing the desiccant ( for the coffee pot handle).  It may slip out of your hand and give you a nasty little poke and I really don't want that to happen. Please be careful.

A desiccant is a moisture absorber that come in some bulk precription bottles that pharmacies use.  They are very hard to come by.  I doubt that Walgreens or Walmart pharmacies will save them for you but you might try a small "Mom and Pop" pharmacy.  Some come in little pillow shapes while others come in a variety of cylindrical shapes. I use them as as shampoo bottles and canned goods as well as cannisters.

First, you will need to mark the placement of the handle.  I did this by dipping the prongs of the staple into a shallow pool of brown paint. Then I gently touched the prongs to the side of the cylinder to leave two little dots of paint.  This is where I placed my eyeglass screwdriver and began rotating it back and forth applying a steady pressure.  It worked!  Again, please be careful.

Once the staple was in, I applied two dots of superglue.  White glue is not recommended as it is possible that it will not  stick to the plastic desiccant very well.

Next, fold the small piece of paper in half and cut out a small triangle approximately 1/4 " tall and 1/8" wide.
This is just an estimate, you may need to adjust.  Dry fit this spout to the desiccant.  Please refer to the first photo as to the actual shape of the spout.  You will need to trim off the 1/8" side so that it is paralell to the lid. Once you have the correct shape, superglue it to the desiccant opposite the handle.

Once dry, spray paint it silver.  And the final step is to glue the seed bead to the lid.  For a more realistic coffee pot, you can add a little dark brown or black paint to the base for that slighly scorched look.

The last step is to paint the handles black.  And there you go!!