Monday, June 20, 2011

More Lighthouse pics

I am adding a few more pictures of my lighthouse along with some accessories I'd like to use.  The bell will become a foghorn once I paint it gray but I'm not sure about the seagulls yet- they may be out of scale.  Also, there is a harpoon that I just had to have.  I am very anti-whaling but since this was a part of American history, I will be using it.

This last picture show a quilt that I will be putting on the bed once I make one that is to scale.  It is from one of the first swaps I ever participated in ( AOL miniatures group) and an international one at that!  Each swapper sent several pieces of fabric to a central point and on one of the pieces, we signed our name, where we were from and the date- 1999.  Three of the swappers were from Australia and another from the U.K.  It is one of my most favorite swaps.

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