Saturday, January 19, 2013

New year, new project

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that your New Year is starting out well.  For myself, I did have a wonderful time, altho my minis for the holidays were practically non-existent.  Working retail and then coming down with the flu did put a damper on things and even tho I didn't make anything worth mentioning, I did think "mini" and started making my list of what I wanted to do this year.  To quote one of my favorite bloggers, "Making the list always makes me feel productive and starts the dreaming going :)! " This quote is from and says it all!

My next dollhouse is "Lisa"s Country Cottage" (shell kit).  When I bought this a few years ago, I knew I was going to make a fishing cabin out of it.  Many, many years ago, my best friend was an only child.  One summer, her parents invited me to vacation with them at a cabin somewhere is Michigan.  My friend's father was an avid fisherman and her mom loved to paint with water colors.  So I went along to keep my friend company.  What a time we had!  If we weren't swimming or skiing, we were probably playing in the sand with matchbox cars ( yes, girls play with toy cars!)  With this dollhouse, I will try to re-create the attic where we slept, the livingroom and the porch. I am doing this all from memory and want to get as much done as I can before I forget too much.

 My real delemma is the kitchen.  This dollhouse is just too small to fit in even the basic stove, sink, and refridgerator so I might just do the livingroom.

Any suggestions are you may have are gratefully appreciated!

So far, I have made the flooring for both the main floor and the attic.  I used scrapbooking paper and  made the score lines to simulate the wood planks.  The floors are a little dark but since I intend to paint the walls a light color, I think this will work.

The next thing I did was to shorten up the windows.  I want to put a table and (maybe) a kitchen sink under these windows and not have them visible from the outside.  I made a template of the lower part of the window from cardboard and glued into place.  I then filled in any gaps with spackle.
I really like this spackle.  It goes on pink and then turns white when completely dry.  No guesswork there!

A few days ago, I did paint the porch, porch posts and the roof various shades of gray.  I'll be showing more photos as soon as I figure out whats wrong with my pc.  Can't seem to upload any more photos. The window and door trims will be a very pale yellow (at least that's the plan for now).

I will be taking a break from the construction part and will start making some acessories.   Maybe a braided rug or a some kids' books.  Stay tuned!

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