Friday, July 26, 2013

Signature Quilt

Hello!.  I hope everyone is having a good summer.  It's very rainy and hot here in Florida but the sun does come out once in a while

Does anyone out in "blogland" have one of these beautiful  quilts? It is from my first swap (AOL scale miniature group) from 1999! and one of my most cherished minis.  I know some of the signers are still around because I recognize some names.  If I  remember correctly, all swappers sent 3-4 squares of small print fabric to a miniaturist in Australia who offered to sew  then together for a quilt. We signed it with name, city, state/county and the year. And this is what we got in return.  I was so thrilled at how it turned out!  For many years it's just been laying on the bed in my lighthouse but the other day I decided to form it to the bed so it would lay more natural.


Now it you think this is an endorsement for Stiffen Stuff, you're right.

I also stiffened some bows for a more natural "hanging" look.  Just make sure that the pins are inside the loop hole and don't pierce the ribbon.  For the tails, cut them 1/2 longer than needed.  For these you will be piercing the ribbon.  When completely dry, just trim.

Well, this was just a short update as to what I've been up to since my last post.  Now, It's vacation time!  Til next time...


  1. I like your original quilt.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. What a great idea! Why don't you ask people to join in for a 2013/14 one? I would certainly be keen!

  3. Hi Diane, thank you for your sweet comment, you also have a beautiful blog !
    All the mini´s you make are so lovely.

    Hugs Anna