Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers!  I hope your Christmas Day is starting out well.  At our house, things will be a little quiet until we go to an open house this afternoon.  My kind of day.

I know I said I wouldn't be posting again til after Christmas, but a fellow miniaturist and blogger has been having trouble signing on to her old blog so she has had to start a new one.  Her name is Viv and she is from Perth in western Australia.  I am a great admirer of hers because her crocheting and her mini quilts are gorgeous (as are her doll dresses!)

This is her old blog and you can still view it.

This is her new blog.  Please re-join as a follower at this address. And it would be great if you could spread the word.  And be sure to check out her Peddler Doll ( Tues. Dec 17 post)   Incredible!

Thanks for all your help and enjoy the rest of the day!
Til next time

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Hello and welcome to my blog.  And a hardy welcome to my new followers.!  I hope you enjoy your visit.!

I wanted to show you all the wonderful Christmas minis I received form a very talent miniaturist, Deb C.  I was thrilled to receive these in a swap because, despite my huge collection of Christmas minis, I don't have any of these!  Everything is so beautifully detailed.  I gave up on gingerbread men a long time ago-just could not get them uniform.  The cherry cheesecake, pumpkin pie, Christmas cake and cupcakes are things I haven't tried to make but I am now inspired.  The candles are so delicate, they will be on my fireplace mantle.  And the floral arrangement will be the centerpiece on dinning room table.  Thank you so much Deb!

About this time each year, I think about my New Year's Resolutions list.  This list is a little different than most I have done because it is only about minis.  It's divided into 3 parts. The first is an on-going list of the supplies I need or will need soon.  Fimo, paint brushes, etc.  The second part is what I call "spur of the moment" ideas.  These are ideas that pop up in my head at the most inconvenient times and I need to make a note of that idea right then or I'll forget it.  For example, my Fishing cabin is about 70% done.  I was outside talking to my neighbor when the idea that I needed a fishing creel just popped into my head.  Ever happen to you?  Luckily, our conversation didn't last long so I remembered long enough to write it down   Now the third part of this list is subject to change "without notice".  It is a list of new projects, unfinished project and things I want to learn.  I allow myself all sorts of flexibility with this and do not put myself in any type of timeline.  So what's this have to do with anything?  Well, last summer I posted that I had hoped to start a new dollhouse in October but it never happened.  So that is now somewhere on the bottom of my list
in favor of....this

This is not a dollhouse but a display of some sort shaped like a dollhouse. I have no idea what this was for but I found it at a Flea market for only $5.00.  This may be the answer to my problem of what to do with all my minis still stored away after 2 years.  It's barely 30" tall but I think it will work because it is so open.  It's very light weight and you can see it's put together with nuts and bolts.  I don't know which is front or back but that's a good thing. I'll just decorate both sides as front. There is one other unique has carrying handles!

I won't be using the handles to move it so I'm thinking skylights?  The possibilities are endless.  It did occur to me that I will have to prop this thing upside down to paint the ceilings.

This will be my last post til after Christmas so I want to thank all of you for your support, encouragement and kind comments.  Whether you are a follower or an occasional visitor, your friendship means the world to me

So from my house to yours,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best wishes to all, 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm Ready!

Yes, I am all done and well prepared for Christmas (except for baking cookies).  It was a lot of fun decorating this year because I made it practically stress-free.  In years gone by, I would haul out just about every "Christmassy" thing I had, take down my other nic nacs, pictures, etc and put them away for a month. The first week in January I would have to reverse the process and sometimes I had a real mess on my hands.  First of all, I won't be hosting any parties.  The den and the dinning room are the only two rooms I decorated because they are the first two rooms you see when you enter my house.  So, if someone stops by, at least I have something up.  Secondly, it's just going to be my husband and I for the most part.  I am very content with having nothing in the bathrooms, living room or bedrooms.  Some people will consider this "Scrooge like" but I call it stress free.  There are, however, a few things I put up every year without fail.  My Nativity set Christmas tree collection..  This picture is my all time favorite.  It is nearly 12" tall and 7" wide so I think it's better suited for playscale

I wish I was a better photographer because this picture does not do it justice.  Hopefully, you will be able to enlarge it.  I have made quite a few of these through the years ( in various colors ) and did really well at craft shows.  But then in the early 2000's, I gave up craft shows altogether. I still have quite a few "naked" trees left and in smaller sizes so may try to sell some over the internet.  I hope you like this a well as I do.

In the next few months, I will be changing the look of my blog a little.  You may have already noticed the I went from a two-column template to a three-column one.  I wasn't sure if I could do this but I was successful.
I have also started a Twitter account and although i haven't tweeted much yet, I will in the future

Take care and have a wonderful Holiday!

Til next time