Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello dear friends!
I hope all your holiday plans are going well.  I really surprised myself this year. I am all set with very little to do except make banana bread.  I actually have some spare time!

I only have one picture to show Christmas minis that I have completed.  It's not very much because the rest are in various stages of completion and not "photo-ready".  Plus the fact that I'm also working on my gourmet fudge and confections shop.

Popcorn tins-( I have a total of 12), Needlepoint wall hangings, small area rugs, placemats, front door panels, ornament boxes, wall hangings, tree skirts and tree skirt packages.  I still have to complete boxed Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ornaments, stockings, and Santa hats (just to name a few)
I'm going to finish up what I can in the next few days and then take a break.  I really have to start making display tables, shelves, pegboard, etc.  That way I can feel somewhat organized.

Pinterest-  That's a very addictive place for me to be.  I have spent so much time there just pinning away.  I originally went there to get a variety of wrapping paper and Christmas cards.  And then a lot of other things caught my eye.  The end result is I have 17 boards.  If you decide to take a look, you may wonder why I pinned what I did.  Most of it is mini related, even the 3 boards not labeled miniatures ( I'm going to rename those).  A lot of those will be used in a Fine Art and Prints Galley that I want to start this next summer.  At least that's the plan.

About Windows 8.1-  I'm slowly making my way around but it sure is different than Windows 7.  I made sure the first thing I learned was how to resize photos and printies.  I open a blank Word processing document and copy and then paste.  Works very well.

Well, I off to make that banana bread and watch a little tv.

My Christmas wish for all of you is to have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Unas buenas vacaciones también para tí.
    ¡¡¡Feliz Navidad!!!