Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween and other stuff

Hello, hello, hello! I hope everyone is doing well. We just got back from a much needed vacation, visiting the kids, grandkids and family up north ( Chicago area) so I'm in a very good mood. It was actually nice to dress in a sweatshirt ,levis, socks and shoes and sit around a campfire. But because we were gone for nearly a month, I'm afraid my Halloween offering is a little slim this year.

This picture is a little scene I put together last year and was able to fit in most of my Halloween minis.

But there are two other minis that didn't fit so here they are.

 I really enjoy this spooky tree because the eyes and mouth are wired to light up.  And the smile on the pumpkin is really cute.  I have them setting in my den as a display for anyone who comes by to see.  Unfortunately, I don't thinks anyone will come by-at least not trick or treaters.  We live in a somewhat isolated area in ours subdivision with 4 other neighbors and there are simply no kids close enough who want to come out our way. So no more pumpkin carving or outdoor displays. But at least I can enjoy Halloween indoors with my minis.

After Halloween, this tree and pumpkin will go into a different scenario. Along with some other things that I have no immediate plans for, I have been toying with an idea of making an outdoor scene that I'm calling the... Yard Art Emporium!

 Yard art is very popular in my area probably because the weather is so nice year round. Most of these minis are to scale, just large objects. Now all I have to do is make an awning, figure what type of base to put it on and whether or not to add some concrete statues and fountains.  Needless to say, this isn't going to be done anytime soon.

.I know I said I'd have some tuts ready for this post, french hook earrings and a beaded angel, but the pictures didn't turn out very well.  So I'll be retaking them tomorrow and will post again as soon as I can. Sorry about that.

Please have a great Halloween and be safe!


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