Friday, April 1, 2016

Cakes and cookies...and other stuff

I think I have enough minis to make a candy/bakery shop!. That is something I have always wanted to do, so why not now?  This will be a works in progress for a while.

First, I need to make a roombox, then decorate it and make some display tables, shelves, etc. So I have a lot to do. But I took some pictures of what will be going in it. I got together some of the mini foods that I have made, received as gifts and some from swaps.

Cakes and cookies:

I love this pink wedding cake. Received it in a swap several years ago.

I still have 5 more cake to show but not ready for pictures yet.

I'm sure most of you have seen this bunny cake. It was fun to make because it brought back many sweet memories.  My kids and I made this for Easter for many years.


Not much in the way of cookies just yet, but I have plans for a few more. I decided to show some other deserts on this same table because they are one of a kind.

About macarons.

I have never seen a macaron up close and personal so I did a little research. I thought they were more of a cake type treat but some websites consider them a cookie.  Other websites just call them a confection.  Either way, they look delicious!

I did watch several videos on how to make them but then came up with my own method.  ( I don't think anyone has done them like this before)

First, I cut out a "plug" 1/4" wide and less than 3/8" tall. ( A little too tall now that I look at them)

Next, I took a needle and drew 2 lines close to the center, like this:

Then, I textured above the first line and below the second line,

Not to bad for my first attempt.

I hate to post and run but I hope you enjoy the pictures.
In my next post, I'll show all the candies I have made and a few odds and ends. Till then, take care!



  1. Great, Diane, absolutely adorable :-)


    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like them