Monday, February 11, 2013

Simple Valentines Cake

While going through my "stash" to see what I could make for my Fishing Cabin, I came across some proto-types of cakes I made for one of my first ever long ago!
This is so simple that I am kind of embarrassed to show it but, what the heck.

These cakes were made from wood mini shapes that I bought at Michaels, some painted pink, some white. The Valentines heart is 3/8" tall and 3/4" across at its widest part. I simply painted it, added trim, a no-knot bow and some heart sequins. Very easy. BTW, the trim I used was a discarded graduation tassell that my son donated to the "cause",(my miniatures.) I used the same method for the rectangular 4th of July cake.

As Soon as I finish my round birthday cake, I'll take a picture.

My Fishing Cabin is coming along quite well but a little slower than I had planned.
Some days I can work on it for a few hours and then I can't get back to it for a few days. In my next post, I'll have pictures showing how far I've gotten (along with a few boo-boos!)

Til next time, have fun and make minis!