Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hello dear friends, fellow bloggers followers!
It is so nice and encouraging to have new followers.  Welcome!

I wish I could say I got a lot accomplished since my last post, but not so.  I made 2 fishing poles, two sleeping bags and am working on a "welcome" mat now.  The only other thing I did was to dry-fit my dollhouse (not glued yet), just to see how it was looking.  You will notice I added another porch post.  I needed this because I will be adding a porch fence all the way around and wanted another support.  I'll be adding that after I add the door.  BTW, this last picture is of a lazy susan I borrowed from my pantry.  Makes working on my dollhouse soooo much easier.

Mini-blahs.  I've got 'em.
Very few people I know are immuned to the "winter blahs". Some call it "cabin fever", depression or winter "doldrums"  I think the medical term is SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder or something like that.  In my case, I get down in the dumps usually in February and March...waiting for spring.  I feel bored, restless and nothing much appeals to me.  To help myself through all this, I have decided to make some changes.  I don't know if this will help anyone else but this is what I am doing.

Changed my routine.   My old routine was get a cup of coffee, play a few games of "free cell", read my email and then my blogs.  Now I still have my morning coffee but then I hop in the shower, then read the paper or watch a few minutes of the Weather channel. After that, it is on to my emails, eat breakfast and then read my blogs.  You'll be surprised at how a few little changes can improve your outlook.

Pampering myself.  I've never had a pedicure...just wasn't in the budget. So I gave myself one.  A good soaking, a massage, trimming of the nails and even bright pink nail polish.  Feet really feel good.  Same with body lotion.  I used to put it on after my shower, once a day.  Now I also put it on in the evening.  The actual massaging helps with the circulation.

Expanding my mini-horizons.  I just joined a another Yahoo group, Petitpointers.  Although I have done this type of needlepoint before, it was a very long time ago.  I consider myself a newbie. 

The last thing I did was to go through my S.O.S. boxes (stash of stuff).  Here I found un-opened kits, half finished project and lot of stuff for future project.  Getting my enthusiasm back now!

Over the next few days, I will be change my blog to give it a new look.  Found a great website, but just have to work up the courage.

Till later!


  1. Hi Diane, yes, do pamper yourself out of the winterdepression and expand your mini-horizons; spring will definitely come soon now :D
    I am looking forward to your new blog look and your new creations in petit-point!

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog, How fun to watch your fishing cabin come along while I do the same kit! I love the idea for the detached roof, I may use that on a future project. I decided to make my cottage a vaulted ceiling, so I won't need to get inside from the top on this one.

    I smiled as I read the part about making a door mat, as today when I was working on the porch (I also ironically installed...actually moved a post, to about the same place you did) anyway, I thought, "I need a door mat" so scribbled on my paper I cover my work table with in my studio it literally saids "door mat". Keep up the great progress!