Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perforated paper

Hello and welcome to my ... redesigned blog!  I am very pleased with how it turned out and still have a little "tweaking"  to do so will be working on that the next few days.  I've wanted to make changes for quite a while now and  for the last 5-6 weeks have been surfing a lot of graphics websites.  So many beautiful designs!  When I came across this one from , I just had to use it.  It had my name written all over it. Hope you enjoy it.

Getting re-acquainted with an old craft

While going through my box of floss (getting ready to begin Petitpoint),  I found something I haven't used in years.   Perforated paper.  As a kid, I used to make RL ornaments from a kit I had and they really turned out nice.

This first picture is from a swap from years ago.  The swapper also included a few blank pieces for me to try and chart my own design.  I used it instead for the peg board on the workbench in my lighthouse.

It 's bendable, easily shaped and has a certain sturdiness to it.  It is 14 ct and comes in a variety of colors
It can be used for picture frames, rugs, baskets, wall hangings and even a doggie bed.  Combine all that with a variety of stitches, and I imagine the list can go on and on.  This is what I'm making my "welcome" mat out of.  I have not been able to find it in any craft stores but it is available on Ebay.

If anyone has other suggestions on things to make, please leave a comment.

Since my last post, I have had to take a few days off from minis to attend to my RL spring house cleaning and some yard work  Not my favorite thing to do.  But the sun is out and it's getting warmer so I think I,m pretty well over the winter blahs.

Til Next time!


  1. Hi Diane! Thanks for the follow and your comment on my new blog. I joined here and now I'm off to read some of your recent posts. I love your blog design also!

  2. Hello Diane, contraccambio la tua visita al mio blog ed ho curiosato nei tuoi post. Mi piace l'idea di come hai utilizzato il tappetino perforato!Un saluto Manu