Friday, April 19, 2013

Detachable roofs

Hello everyone!  I hope you're getting some nice spring weather.  It finally arrived here in my part of Florida and it's been great.  Took a few days off and went boating, beach combing and eating at some of our favorite outdoor restaurants.  Nothing like warmth and sunshine.

A while ago, there was a question on one of my Yahoo groups about making a dollhouse roof detachable.  After looking at the fishing cabin, I thought "why not give it a try"  And it worked!  First, I had to glue the roof supports together and position them in the attic using masking tape.  Then I glued the two roof pieces together.  For this, I brought out the "father" of all glues...EPOXY!  The roof pieces were so heavy that I didn't want to take the chance of them coming apart or shifting ( I'm out of wood glue and didn't trust craft glue.).  I had to hold the pieces in place for about 5 minutes until the epoxy was set and then, with the help of my hubby, taped them together until the epoxy cured.  After that, it was just a matter of applying epoxy to the top edge of the roof supports, setting the roof on top and letting everything cure.  I took off the masking tape and now have a... detachable roof!  Cool!

I have spent quite a bit of time reading blogs, surfing the web and doing general cleanup of my computer.  When I heard about this new blog, I was very interested in her projects and became a follower.   Although Mindy is just getting started, I really like what I see.  Stop by and take a look

Now, about my boo-boos.  I try not to think about them too much because I get irritated with myself.  I used scrapbook paper for flooring in my attic.  I though I had measured twice and cut once, but I must have cut a second time because it was about 1/8" short on one side.  I will be fixing this by attaching a baseboard all around the attic.
The second mistake took time to fix but turned out well.  I love texturing but in this case, I applied the texture all the way to the bottom edge of the wall.  ( I knew better but all my "knowing" left me when I started.)  When I tried to slide the wall into the groove in the base, it wouldn't fit.  Texturing made the wall too thick.  So out came my metal file, sandpaper and a craft knife.  Finally got it to fit and then touched everything up with paint.

My next project will be to cut and glue printies, mainly board games childrens' book and magazines.  I have lots so I better get started!

Til next time!

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