Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello and good morning!  Welcome to my new followers!  I hope you enjoy my blog.

Sometimes, when I look and all the minis I have made since my last post, I think I've done quite well and at other times, think I could have done more.  I did plan a few days away from minis to clean up my yard and
get some sun.  But I'll show you a little of what I've accomplished

First, my needlepoint.  I made a bell pull that I will be using in my next dollhouse (Georgian) and really had fun making my own design.  Although the picture doesn't show it very well, it is of pink and burgundy roses.
It is 6" long and 3/8" wide and done on 22 ct cloth.  That is about the smallest count I can do right now.  Since I don't have any idea on what the size of a bellpull should be, I just guessed.

The other item is a table runner ( not quite done ) to be used on a tea cart I have while the two smaller pieces will be napkins.

Unfortunately, my next needlepoint project will take a little while.  Because I have.... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!!!  (Nooooo!  I am a miniaturist and don't want it! )  Sigh. I had an idea last summer that I might have a problem when I went kayaking a lot.  At the end of the season, my thumbs and wrists were tender from paddling but when I stopped for the season  it went away.  I consider this a temporary setback so armed with Advil, I will do what I can.

In light of all this, I decided to concentrate on what I could do.  So I made some furniture for The Lighthouse at Gavin's Bay.  I've always wanted a chart table and chart holder and they turned out better than I expected.  Next, I printed of some "time zone" clocks ( the ones you may see at an airport where they list the times in London, Paris, New York, etc).  To make them stand out a little, I mounted them on tight coils of quilling paper. The last thing I worked on was printies.  Lots of books, games, magazine and childrens stuff.  That went well.  Next time I post I will have pictures

About printies... I really appreciate all the people who so unselfishly share their printies.  It's made a big difference for a lot of us.  So to all you  "printies people" out there, Thank you!

I hope you all are enjoying some good weather so until next time...take care!


  1. Your needlepoint is wonderful.
    I'm sorry for your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bad for a miniaturist..
    Bye, Faby

  2. Il ricamo è molto bello e certo che la sindrome carpale non agevola il nostro Hobby, mi auguro che sia di lieve entità. Un abbraccio Manu