Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shadow boxes

Hello everyone!  I hope all of you are doing well and not suffering too much from cabin fever.  It's been a rough winter.

In my last post I showed you the printer's tray my friend Shelly gave me.  I have a few pics just to give you a general idea of what I'm doing with it and how far I've gotten- which isn't very far.

This arrangement is just temporary for now.  After I cleaned it up, I needed to see what would fit and what wouldn't. Some of these minis will be used in Katelyn's Crossing ( my current big project),some are duplicates that I made for myself and others are swaps that just need a good home

There are a total of 88 compartments and I could fill them all.  But once I rearrange things I might leave a few empty.  So far, I really like this idea.

I don't want anyone to think I've gone shadowbox crazy, but here are a few more things Shelly gave me. Her son got them for her several years ago but she didn't do anything with them except but them in a garbage bag and stored them in her garage.
She did say some of them were in pretty rough shape and she's right.  Altho they are sturdy, the paint job is not good

These are perfect for 1/4 scale but I don't do that size.  The only one I'm interested in is the barn.  So I just might pass these on to someone else.

And finally, there is this

This really pretty sad,  The paint job is really bad and it needs lots of sanding.  The only reason I'm considering this is because the shelves are deeper and compartments are bigger;  I guess I have my work cut out for me.

I have company coming in a few days so no minis for me for a couple of weeks.

BTW, if anyone needs a little encouragement or feeling down and out, you might enjoy this video. I love it!


Take care


  1. Un proyecto precioso, la casilla del barco y el mapa me encanta. Yo también tengo en proyecto uno ,aunque es totalmente diferente al tuyo, yo estoy poniendo punto de cruz.

  2. The printer's tray looks great, filled with all these little treasures. It's really good you can display instead of keeping them hidden in a drawer.
    I love the little houses. Pity you don't do 1/4 scale work.
    Hugs, Drora