Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Butterfly house

It's been longer than I thought between posts but I decided to take some time off from minis.  You know the story, yard work, spring house cleaning and guests.  It's funny how kids equate "spring break" with "Gramma's place in Florida"  Had a wonderful time!

When I did get back to minis, I decided not to go back to where I had left off but instead to do something a little whimsical... a just for me project.  I just wasn't sure what.  So with coffee in hand, I went and sat down on my back porch and began to go thru my HBS catalog.  Then something caught my eye.  A beautiful yellow butterfly.  So I decided to make a butterfly house. 

The first time I saw a butterfly house upclose was about 5 years  ago when I went to a craft show.  A couple had tables full of bird houses and bird feeders with just a few butterfly houses at one end.  I stood there quite a long time watching the lady paint beautiful floral designs on the sides and backs.
A swirl of the brush here, a flick of the wrist there and a couple of "loop de loops" and she was done. On the butterfly houses she used much brighter colors.

I asked the man if butterflies actually used theses houses and surprisingly he said "Yes, occasionally they do"  Most butterflies have short lifespans during the summer, some migrate south (like the monarchs who winter in Mexico) and others hibernate in the winter and these are the ones that use the houses.  But for best results, they need to be placed in a wooded area instead of a flower garden.
And I am very lucky to have woods next to my back yard!  First you pound a stake in the ground, mount the house on top, and finally, plant some colorful flowers around the stake.  But....I wouldn't do that.  If I start pounding a stake in the ground,  the fire ants would attack my toes and ankles.  If I was able to dance around them and mount the house on top of the stake, I'm sure that would be plenty of time for the flying critters (the ones with teeth and stingers!) to do lunch...on me.  And I wound definitely not plant flowers around the base of the stake because I have a real fear of pygmy rattlers.

However, I could do something like this.  I'd get everything ready and with my hubby's help, just zip into the woods, set the planter down and zip right out.  10-12 seconds, tops.

This I made out of fimo because it just happen to be out and close by.  I didn't have much to trim it with but came up with ground green foam, micro beads, pre-punched flowers and quilling paper.   Whimsy I wanted and whimsy I got.  I have two others almost done and will post pictures when I can.

I'm  really sorry there isn't much more for me to write about but hope you enjoyed this.  If anyone else has made a butterfly house, please let us know.  Would love to see pictures.

Take Care


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  1. que original lo de las casas de mariposas, no lo habia oido nunca , pero me parece una idea muy bonita , y a ti esa te ha quedado fantastica , buen trabajo