Monday, May 23, 2016

The Mariner

The official name of the nautical shop is "The Mariner".  The name Nautical Shop didn't "roll off my tongue" just right.  Besides that, it reminded me of The Nautilus in  "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne.  I loved the original movie but somehow it just didn't fit.

As it stands now, part of the shop will be boating and fishing equipment and the other side will be home decor. Very little done with the equipment and fishing stuff, but I haven't done too badly with the decor part.

This is a picture I have in my den and one of my favorite possessions. It is by an artist named Letterman but I can't find out much about him.  It's approximately 42" by 60"-- very large.

I did find it on the internet and made it in two sizes.  It will be hung above a fireplace but not sure what size I'll use.

This picture is some wall hangings that are similar to what I offered in my giveaway some time ago.

As usual, I suck at taking pictures so the next ones aren't too great.  As part of the home decor, I used some shells as wall hangings.  This one side of the display....

and here's the other side.  The two top shelves are sea glass!  And the bottom shelf has a variety of shells.

To make the sea glass. I took some plastic beads, sandwiched them between several layers of paper toweling and began pounding away.  And I do mean pounded... no "tap, tap, tap " here!

Sea glass can be found at Ft Bragg, Ca. Years ago, many municipalities dump garbage into the ocean, including glass.  Then Mother Nature did her thing and turned the glass into beautiful pebbles. But as of August 2015 it became illegal to remove any sea glass, at least from this particular beach .  That took the wind out of those who made jewelry and crafts but all is not lost!  There is always beach glass.

Beach glass is broken up glass that is tossed into a machine similar to a rock tumbler.  Some of the jewelry that is made is gorgeous and I for one cannot tell the difference.  By the way. occasionally beach glass can be found on fresh water beaches like Lake Michigan.

Last picture.  I showed these before but they have undergone a little bit of a change.  The decal edges curled up slightly but I don't think I fix them.  Makes them looked a little weathered.

I hate to post and run but vacation is coming up soon and I'm starting my packing early.  Plus still need to do a few things around the house.  So till next time, take care!



  1. Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun

  2. Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun

  3. has hecho un gran trabajo con esas cosas para la tienda , quedara fantastica



  4. Love your work, great!!!!!