Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Where to display my dollhouses and miniatures has never been a dilemma til this last year.  When we moved to Florida 6 years ago and I saw our house, I figured there would be plenty of space to set up a nice display area in a cental location for everyone to see my miniatures.   But three dollhouses and two vignettes later and I'm running out of room.  My floral shop is in my lanai where my plants are, my Bistro is in the kitchen where the food is and my lighthouse is in our livingroom which has a nautical theme.  My poor Wizard's Tower is stuck in my bedroom until I can figure something out.  The settings themselves are ok but I really didn't want them  scattered all over .   So, this is what my new poll is about.

Where do you display your dollhouses, vignettes and miniatures?    There may be more (or better) options than what I've listed , so please choose the answer that fits you best and as always, feel free to leave a comment.
 I will be back shortly to show you my hanging baskets along with a short tutorial on how I made them (so stay tuned!)

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  1. Dear Diane, thank you for becoming a follower of my blog and leaving a comment there. I very much like to follow your blog too, for I can see you are skilled in working with paper. You have some nice tutorials about it on your blog.
    ...Yes, the display-problem and lack of space for all your miniature houses....I know exactly what your mean!!! I try to work as slowly as possible on my current house :-), but I still have 3 kits waiting for me....I haven't got a clue where to display them when they are finished :-( Bye bye, Liduina.