Friday, May 18, 2012

Fruit Bowl and Candy Dish

While I had my quilling paper out preparing for the next class, I took some time out to a made a few fruit bowls , baskets and hanging planters. I've made many fruit bowls over the years and used them for one of my first ever swaps many years ago. Here is how I did it.

The first thing is to, of course, get your supplies together. You will need quilling paper, glue, a blunt pencil and some type of quilling tool to make your coil. If you do not have a quilling tool, you can use a long dollmakers needle or even a toothpick.

This first picture shows a needle tool, a slotted tool and a toothpick

The small disc in the next picture is less than 1/2" while the disc tor the bowl is about 3/4"

For the base, I used 1 strip of 1/8 wide paper 18" long (next time I will use 1/16th inch wide paper for a more delicate look.) After making a small, tight disc for the base, I took a very blunt pencil and gently pushed out the very center about 1/4" high for the stem of the bowl. Be careful not to push out too far or the center of the disc will pop out. The tighter the disc, the better.  Once you're done, coat the entire bottom and inside the stem with a thin layer of glue

The bowl is 30" of quilling paper, in a tight coil.
Take this larger disc and gentlly push out the center to form the bowl.  Once done, coat the inside of the bowl with glue.  When dry, attach the base to the bowl.  You may have to hold this in place for a minute or so and be sure to view the bowl from all angles to make sure it is level.

Hopefully, you will have somethis like this.  Fill with fruit, veggies or flowers if you want. The smaller bowl will be used as a candy dish, as soon as I make fimo chocolates!

If you think you would like to try this project, there are several things to consider.  First,  my "tight coil" may not be the same size as your "tight coil" so experiment with different lenghts of quilling paper.  Second, altho scale is important, remember the bowls come in all shapes and sizes.  Third and last, do not get discouraged if things don't turn out right the first time around.  All of this will take a little practice.

Well, that's it for today.  I truly hope you enjoyed this tut and if you make some of these, please let us know how they turned out.  Next post will be a hanging basket!

Til next time!

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  1. Thank you for this lovely tutorial. Your fruit bowl looks great.
    Hugs, Drora