Saturday, July 2, 2011


I spent this last week getting my computer fixed and figuring out how to made an Ashley (my second one) into a fishing cabin.  I know this isn't the best dollhouse to make into a fishing cabin (because with all the trim, decorated windows, etc) but I do enjoy kit-bashing.  It's not all that hard nor time consuming and turning out pretty much like I planned.

The picture on the left shows how the front of the Ashley should look if no alterations are made.  The second picture shows my first major change.  I didn't want the large dormer window so I never bothered to punch it out.  I applied a thin line of glue along the punch-out lines for re-enforcement and then added spackle ( for no particular reason).  Since this will be shingled, I didn't need to sand very much.  On the other side, there were very faint punch-out lines but with a little spackle and sanding, they all disappeared.  So far, so good.

Next came the front.  I shortened up the two larger windows and did not punch out the narrow windows next to the door.  I will be making my own "glass" because the imprint on the windows is a little too fancy for a fishing cabin.  I have saved some heavy clear plastic that I will be adding quilling paper to for the individual panes.. This clear plastic is usually found on boxed greeting cards and is perfect for any miniature needing a glass element,  like a table top or maybe a backyard pond.  I'll post pictures soon to show you how it turned out.

Meanwhile, I am planning my next step, which will be adding the two dormers and shingling the roof.  This shingling is an interesting process so as soon as I take pictures, I'll be back.
Take care!
Diane ( in hot, humid Florida!)

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