Monday, July 11, 2011

My Wizard's Tower

"Home of the Wizard, Nicholas" is named after one of my grandsons and is something I have wanted to build for several years.  What stopped me from making this sooner was the fact that plywood was not an option.  I had no power tools, very little space, and plywood is very heavy.  While I was mulling this over, I came across and joined a Yahoo group called Dream Dwellings.  This is where I found out about Builders Foam.  It was the perfect solution.  Light weight, inexpensive, easy to paint, fairly easy to cut, and it doesn't warp.  Living in hot, humid Florida, warping is a concern.
As far as dimensions go, I knew I wanted at least 2 stories so it is 3 ft tall.  It is hexagon in shape and at its widest point it is 14 ".  The space between floors is 16". Not a lot of room but everything fit.


The above pictures aren't the best but they do show a problem I had with cutting Builders Foam.  If I cut on the horizontal, the edge was fairly smooth.  But cutting on the vertical, the edges tore.  At first I thought it may be me or a dull blade.  I changed out the blade and had my husband try and he got the same results.  However, this was a very minor problem.  I intended to texture the walls and trim out the edges with wood anyhow.  If the tears were to big, I just applied glue and squished them back in place.
(Before I continue, I'm sure you will notice a lot of architectural flaws.  But I used a lot of artistic license and in my mind, this is a fantasy dwelling.)

The above pictures are the ground floor and the two pictures below are the second floor.
All in all, I would say the tower is about 70% done.  I still have to make shutters, a trap door and change out the base it's sitting on.  I plan to work on all of that today and tomorrow, along with my fishing cabin.  When I return, I'll have a neat tut on how I textured the tower along with pictures of the furnishings.
Til later!

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  1. Oooohh, that's fabulous. I love the sun/moon wall hanging on the second floor. I wish we could get builders foam in Australia!