Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trash Can

I know its been a while but I'm on vacation and my use of a computer is very limited.  But I did prepare a little HIMI (how I made it) a few days before I left and hope you find this helpful. I'm going to use this as part of my fishing cabin.

Yes, that is a cap from Scope mouthwash that I turned into a small trash can.  It's 2" tall and 1 3/4" across the top.  To make the can part, you will need:

2  heavy duty staples- for the handles
silver spray paint
a sturdy piercing tool ( I used an eyeglass screwdriver from a eyeglass kit, Needles don't work
                                 Or you can use a drill if you have a very tiny drill bit)
a  1 1/2 by 7" strip of plastic from any trash can liner
tiny dab of paint, any color
super glue or small amount of epoxy (white craft glue can be used but I really wanted those staples to
                                  stay in place.  Don't want the handles to fall out and then step on the staple.)


First, find the 2 spots on the lid that are not corrugated.  The spots where you put your fingers to open the bottle.  Take your tweezers and pick up one staple.  Dip the prongs into a small pool of paint and immediately press the prongs to the cap, leaving 2 little dots.  This will help you with the placement of the trash can handles.  Take your little screwdriver and place it on the dot and just start rotating it back and forth while applying pressure.  Kind of like gouging out a hole.  Do the same for the second hole and then press the staple into the holes.  On the inside of the can, place a drop of glue where the prongs poked through.  Repeat for the second handle on the other side.  Once the glue has dried, spray paint can silver.
Next, take your strip of plastic and glue it into the inside, "gathering" it in a few places to give it a little slack.  That will make it easier to turn the liner down to the outside.

I'll show you the completed project after the lid is done.  We'l be working on that next.

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