Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thank you!

First of all, I sincerely apologize for not welcoming and thanking all of you who have become followers of my blog.  It is very encouraging to think I have something on my blog that may in some small way contribute to the world of miniatures.  I have visited all of your sites and will be adding the links soon...(that is if Blogger doesn't decide to delete more of my stuff.) Thanks again.

I did get asked a question about using sandpaper as shingles and if it was a dust collector.  The answer is a definite.. yes!  But there are several things I do to minimise that problem.  First, use the finest grit sandpaper you can.  In this case, I had 320 grit but honestly don't know if it comes any finer.  Second, I dust off the roofs, porches, dormers and other exterior parts at least twice a month (honestly) using a very soft bristled paint brush.  This to me is funwork, not housework.  It also allows me to check for any paint touch-ups or repairs I need to do.  The insides of my dollhouses I do less often.  The last thing I do, is cover the houses with saran wrap if we are to be gone for any length of this fall when we will be gone for 2 months.  Every little bit helps.

The poll on my sidebar is now closed and the results are about what I expected.  I go with the majority about half the time, depending on my project.  I had no special reason for asking this question, just curious.  I will be listing a new poll in the next few weeks.

I did very little minis today because I spent most of the morning trying to figure out why Blogger is messing up my blog.  Somehow I lost "Blogs I Follow" list so will have to re-enter it all.  This afternoon, I will be taking some pictures, and re-taking others.  I am not a photographer.  Some of the pictures I have seen on other blogs are a lot better than mine and show all the details.  Hopefully, I'll get better.  If I have time tonight, I will try to introduce you to my second dollhouse that I call "Home of the Wizard, Nicholas"
Til next time!

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  1. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the info about sandpaper roof tiles, very useful to know.

    About blogger . . . I logged into my Dashboard this morning and found it was completely different in layout/design. I use blogger-in-draft so I see all blogger's changes sooner than regular blogger users, but it could be blogger updating and changing things that has caused your "blogs I follow" list to vanish. Or it could just be blogger being well, blogger.

    Look forward to seeing Nicholas' home, sound like it's right up my street!