Thursday, July 21, 2011

Texturing and Wallpapering

Thanks to Tabitha for leaving her comment on texturing.  It may well be Ron Mummert who first came up with this type of texturing.  He used tissue paper instead of kleenex and since I have a good supply of that, I just might try it. 

Alennka suggested to use wallpaper paste to hang fabric.  I think I will do just that because this fabric is a little on the heavy side.  I was going to use a clear drying gel type glue but it's very thick doesn't spread easily.  Now all I have to do is find paint to compliment this color.  I'll probably end up mixing my own.  I'll take pictures as soon as I can.

Sorry this post is so short but have to get ready for a birthday luncheon.  I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and comments.

Til later!


  1. Yup..wallpaper paste works great on fabric. And the best glue for wallpaper that I have found is called Grandmother Stover's stickflat glue (it's in a jar). Got it at a mini show, I think. I've also used Yes glue with great success.

  2. I find the wallpaper paste great - and a cheaper alternative too because I buy the powder form and mix my own for 1:12 scale. For smaller areas the Grandmother Stover's glue is great - it is thick but you can spread it with a paintbrush then smooth the paper or fabric with another paintbrush. I don't use it for large areas because I can only buy it once a year at the Fair in Sydney and it's not cheap but I love it. I've also tried the technique with tissue paper and Kleenex - find the facial tissues work better than tissue paper because they are softer. Especially good for a finer texture. And for another type, some cheap talcum powder mixed into the paint till you get a thick consistency then spread on rather than brushed on is great too - depending on the finish you give it can be a rustic interior wall (whitewashed or painted) or exterior.
    Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)